What payment options do you offer?


I dont accept bitcoin as a account starter for fraud reasons
Hello HometownServers and all,

There is no possible way for a BitCoin transaction to be fraudulent.
Once somebody sends you Bitcoin and it's been confirmed in the Bitcoin Blockchain there's no turning back. You have the coins.

We accept Bitcoin, PayPal, and Credit Cards (via Stripe) and that is the order of risk that I consider that these forms of payment have.

BitCoin having the least risk of fraud and Credit Cards the most risk of fraud.

Regards to all,
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But is very unstable

Hello easyhostmedia,

Currency volatility is a different story.
I'm talking about 'Fraud Risk' here.
If you do not want to hold BitCoin, have a payment processor like BitPay change the Bitcoin into Dollars right after the purchase.
That way you will never hold Bitcoin and will never be subject to its price fluctuations.

About the links you posted;
If you trust your money to third parties (Exchanges, etc), you expose yourself to "bad apples" and can risk to loose it. This is true of any currency, not just Bitcoin.
Additionally, if you loose your wallet full of USD, you loose your money ;)
That can happen with any currency.

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Stay away from Bitcoin. Its a mess. Even members if the Bitcoin community don't trust each other. Lots of scams and frauds swirling around the subject.
community don't trust each other. Lots of scams and frauds

Hello Collabora,

You are talking about people here, not Bitcoin itself or the integrity of its protocol.
Your assertions are true with any kind of human endeavor.

Nevertheless, I respect your opinion.
The best option is hand to hand but now world has changed We offer bank to bank, CC, mobile however we are not support bitcoin :)
Our host allows paypal, credit card, debit card, master card, visa card, internet bank transfer, ATM transfer and cheque (for non-electronic payment).
PayPal, Credit Card, Skrill/Moneybookers, and Bitcoin (BTC) for our VPS hosting.

Recently we have begun accepting Dwolla and Western Union as well.
Just Authorize and Paypal.

This is just from a lack of options in our billing software. We have spent thousands on making new software and we still cannot get anything good going. I wish their was a high end open source host billing script for sell.
Here at Steadfast we accept all major credit cards (including Amex), paypal, ACH payments, wire transfers, and even physical checks. I think we'd even take cash if someone insisted on paying that way!
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, and Visa Debit cards through PayPal Payflow Pro. We also accept Paypal accounts. I find that majority of customers rather pay with their PayPal accounts vs providing their credit card. Totally unstable behaver, I do the same with other places I buy stuff with.

I've been doing some research into switching from PayPal Payflow Pro to Stripe as the credit card processing gateway, but that's been on hold while working on other projects.

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