Intel or AMD ?


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We're currently provisioning servers with Intel, however, we're going to make the leap to offer and standarise AMD for virtualised servers at some point in 2022.
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In my years of experience as a technical support engineer in the web hosting business, I've rarely seen hosting companies use AMD processors. Most web hosting companies just prefer Intel over AMD. I don't know the reason or if it does have an impact on the final product, but it is what it is.
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Lmao, what came first the chicken or the egg. Everyone will have their own opinion.

Last couple of years I personally think AMD has become way better. With the new generation of I series from Intel though I'd say they are catching up and neck and neck at the moment.


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Personally, I prefer AMD but we at SpeedyPage do use Intel, it mainly comes down to CPU value when choosing, we may well release a range of services on AMD soon!


Intel not just in hosting but also personal choice, always hated AMD never had much fun with it to be frank.


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Intel is more ubiquitous as the name "Xeon" has become synonymous with dedicated servers. However the big providers like Google and Oracle use AMD's Epyc CPU which has I think 128 cores, a monster compared to the usual 4-8 cores. I've been using Intel's Xeon processor since it's inception and it has proved to be able to handle resource intensive processes very well.


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Both are great for different things. From our companies personal experience. AMD is better for lower loads, but works faster. Like a RPC or maybe game servers is a good idea for a AMD processor, however Intel is most likely better for like a Virtualization server.