Intel or AMD ?


In my opinion, AMD has always held a slight edge over Intel because you get more bang for your buck.

I'm using an AMD right now which rarely exceeds 5% of its CPU limit. This seems I overdid it on this machine. At the time I really had no idea how far CPUs have become and how fast they were (built this myself). But I do know for an equivalent Intel machine I would have paid more.

I love AMD and have never had one bit of prob with compatibility or otherwise.

If I may be off topic for one moment I would like to say I didn't have the same luck with the MSI motherboard. It took them 4 years to fix the BIOS bugs that tortured me from this start.


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I would definitely give MSI a miss when building a server. The extra cash for a SuperMicro would be well worth it!


Both Intel and AMD produce good products. Depending on your needs, one company may produce a product that more closely matches your needs than the other company.
Intel wins in terms of pure performance, performance per watt whereas AMD lags behind on power efficiency.
AMD wins in terms of best integrated graphics and performance per dollar.


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We use Intel on all our servers. I’ve personally had a couple of bad experiences with AMD over the years which is why I try and opt for Intel.


In the hosting industry the most used processors are definately Intel.

AMD do specialize more in consoles now for video gaming.


AMD is better at gaming and Intel is better at processing.

Intel has better IPC (Instructions per Clock) and slightly better branch prediction, combined with a shorter pipeline that allows for quicker pipeline flushes then AMD.


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for cpanel hosting mostly intel, as amd epyc doesn't support cloudlinux kernel, need to use hybrid many times boot into development kernel.

tried on amd 3700x after 4 months moved all clients to intel again


I do like both. For hosting solution I strongly prefer Intel as it is much reliable than AMD. But for PC games and watching movies I personally prefer AMD to Intel.


I do like both. For hosting solution I strongly prefer Intel as it is much reliable than AMD.

I wouldn't call, for instance AMD EPYCs, less reliable. They are less common, so perhaps more time is needed for users to get used to it.

But we didn't need much time to get used to Ryzens :thumbup:


I have experience with Intel not so much with AMD. But what I have been reading and hearing that AMD is right there with Intel or even better. Some of AMD benchmarks surpass Intel Benchmarks.


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We were pro intel for over a decade and we deployed recently an AMD node.
We are rather satisfied with the performances of AMD. The number of cores makes it interesting for a nice VM per core density. We are almost to make the brand not a requirement for new servers. (almost)