Intel or AMD ?

My friend bought AMD and its working perfect. He is using it for Rendering purpose so I don't know It this is good for server/VPS but I am sure that your customer will prefer to use Intel and maybe some of even leave your server If they will saw that you are using AMD.


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Tastes differ, both companies are making great CPUs. AMD usualy has more cores, and Intel has multi-threading so it's usually depends on what you require from CPU. It's the same as comparing Radeon to Nvidia - it all depends on your tasks
Both are great CPU's it depends on the end game a few years ago I'd say Intel all the way however AMD is back in the game and doing great things.


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Most web hosting companies stick to using Intel over AMD. The main reason we use Intel is that there is more server variation offered with Intel then with AMD. Also, modern AMD CPU's are not supported yet by mainstream Linux distributions.


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During an everyday workload AMD chip and the top end intel chip won't produce radically outcomes that's why AMD'S CPU'S at the mid range and lower end do tend to offer slightly better value intel chips...
Intel seems like the preferred choice for server deployment purposes. I will admit AMD is picking up some traction, though!

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AMD is great for consumer grade CPU, and an excellent option for enthusiasts or gamers due the performance/price relation.

BUT, when we're talking about servers and enterprise use, Intel easily wins, hands down.
An Intel Xeon would perform better on heavy server tasks and is way more stable even than the best Threadripper from AMD.

But a Ryzen is excellent if you're one of those game streaming guys or something like that.


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This will soon no longer be true.

AMD EPYC first gen (Zen) CPU's are not as fast as Intels on a per core comparison.

AMD EPYC Rome (Zen 2) is another story however. They have caught up with per core performance and have increased the number of cores up to 64 cores and 128 threads ! (Just imagine Dual CPU servers with 256 threads!).

We have used Intel up to now, but have seen their performance greatly reduced by all the security patches we have had to apply. Disabling hyper-threading has removed between 30 and 40% performance due to MDS vulnerabilities. AMD CPU's were not vulnerable to MDS because they have built in security that prevents this exploit which means that only Intel CPU's had to disable hyper-threading.

Intel needs to get it's game together if it want's to stay in the race. AMD is beginning to overtake them from a performance and security perspective. Their new CPU's (10nm) will be coming out soon. Hopefully this will allow Intel to catch up with AMD again.


I think they're both good. A friend of mine who's sister I went to high school with works for AMD and we have talked. I have AMD on one of my machines at my NOC and it performs just as well as any machine with Intel.


I prefer Intel. When I think of AMD it takes be back to the old days of slow speeds and you could only do the standard projects - I know this is different now but rather stick to what I know.


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At one point I was using dedicated servers with 16 AMD cores, I had no problem with these, but eventually upgraded to servers with Intel with 16 Cores and 32 Threads, which were much faster (newer).

Both were equally reliable.

Our servers are all cloud now, so all differ from one another, as I only pay for the resources I need, even though they all use the same "template".

And I really don't see much difference between those servers which run on AMD or Intel.


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Been using both AMD and Intel CPUs based servers for many years time, spot no big difference between them. One generation might be slightly better than another. Also might have difference if your tasks require specific CPU instruction sets. In those scenarios CPU with integrated instructions will perform much better


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Both of them have there own Advantages and Disadvantages.
Intel is more popular as compared to AMD.
But AMD is cheaper then Intel.
AMD on the other hand produces more heat as compared to Intel.
But new AMD processor are less likely to produce more head then previous AMD processors.
If money is not the issue then go for Intel or else AMD.
Moreover for a long run Intel would be the first priority.