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    Whmcs Showing the Remaining Days of the Product

    Hello there, I share the code I made for a friend, showing the remaining days of the product. You should replace the code with the code in templates / theme / clientareaproducts.tpl. (Since there may be various arrangements from theme to theme, backup should be taken and the code I provided...
  2. resellermaster

    Adding Whois Link to Domain Name Queries (standard cart)

    After entering the WHMCS installed directory, access the following directory; templates / orderforms / standard_cart Open the file below with a code editor; domainregister.tpl Search within the file; 1 {lang key='orderForm.domainIsUnavailable'} 1 {lang...
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    $1 SSD Hosting - cPanel - Fast SSD - FREE Setup - 99.99% uptime - ResellerMaster.Net!

    ResellerMaster.NET would like to offer you shared SSD hosting available at affordable prices with reliable service. Our SSD hosting services start at a cheaper price ie $1/Month. We have superb technical staff and high-end servers to make your website always fast and online. If you are still not...
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    5% OFF - Master Reseller Hosting - WHM | CloudLinux | 99.9% Uptime - ResellerMaster!

    At ResellerMaster our services are specially tailored to meet your requirements if you are looking to get SSD Master reseller hosting, moving from a small web hosting to a super fast bare metal dedicated servers; we are in business to ensure you get exactly what you need without overpaying and...
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    How visitors can trust on your hosting business?

    If you are a customer then how and why you will trust on a small hosting company? Do you prefer big company or small company? I don't like big company for many reason. 1. Why new visitor will trust on your company? 2. How can you increase trust, what you need to do? Some of customers...
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    How to improve your VPS service?

    1. What type of changes you want to see in a VPS providers? (Provide at lest 2 or 3 changes) 2. How can you easily connect with your customer?
  7. resellermaster

    How do you protect your server?

    how do you protect your VPS or dedicated server from any kind of attacks? does your hosting provider suggest you any alternative for this?
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    Whmcs vs Hostbill

    Which System Do You Prefer? What are the features I Wonder Your Thoughts on This Issue
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    Whmcs Payment Methods

    Hello Dear Forum Members Which Payment Infrastructure Do You Use for Whmcs System? Which Is The Lowest Fee Payment Infrastructure Do You Think?
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    Ayox.NET Opinions?

    This is my forumvps.com Can you share your opinion thank you :)
  11. resellermaster

    Ayox.NET Opinions?

    Hello, I wanted to ask what member here think of this domain ayox.net ?
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    Whmcs Seo Settings

    Hello guys, how do you do whmcs seo settings What are the tricks What Do You Pay Attention To I am waiting for your thoughts on this topic
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    Tips To Maintain Security On Your VPS Server

    We know that it is not easy to hire a private virtual server. It becomes a little easier when you have been working with the company longer and you feel satisfied; even though is not always like that. A provider could offer shared hosting regularly good, but it could happen that the VPS then...