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    Clean up space R1Sfot

    I use r1soft as solution for backup and it is getting full. Is it possible to clean up space ?
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    Moving reseller account from remote server

    Have a Friend who has 200 accounts in reseller hosting package with a different provider. Now he wants to migrate his websites on to our server. he does not have the root permission. Is there anyway or a tool to move all the websites at once rather than taking backups individually and migrating...
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    Start a hosting company

    In our days are a lot of hosting companies. Does it really worth it to start a new one ? Which are the chances to have success ?
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    Installing Windows 7 on new generation of laptops ?

    Hello, I want to install windows 7 on a new generation of ASUS but I cannot. I receive this error: windows setup experienced an unexpected error Any ideas ? Thanks,
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    Crypto curremcies

    Bitcoin decreased visible, so what do you think about the future of cryptocurrency ? Some people say the cryptocurrency will take us in a new era, others say it won't have great future. What is your oppinion about these virtual coins ? This will be the future, will grow signifiant, or will die ?
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    Free wordpress themes

    Some free wordpress hosting themes ? I want to build a website but do not want to buy one.
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    Intel or AMD ?

    Which brand is more used in hosting world ? Intel or AMD ?
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    Linux or Windows ?

    Which hosting you prefer more ? Linux or Windows..