Which help desk software do you use to provie support ?


Using WHMCS built in system at the moment, we have had in house scripts build before and well it is just pointless in the end! WHMCS has everything you need.


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I would recommend WHMCS if you are on the startup stage, and I can vouch for Ubersmith if you have more than 10000/20000 customers.


WHMCS. It does the job better than it used to.
Looking into SupportPal, though.

I've used Vision Helpdesk and Kayako in the past. Kayako's policies and pricing changes annoy me. Vision seems to be following them.


we use hostbill not only for support but for the automation of our switches, xen servers, PDUs, etc and support tickets of course


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Blesta inbuilt system with tawk.to plugin I'm currently testing out. Can't see myself needing more than that, especially with a knowledgebase for the simple questions.

Previously (10 years ago) I used mylivechat and os ticket, both seemed up to the task.
This actually depends upon what kind of features are you looking for. Most of the hosting and support companies are using WHMVS. However, Kayako is also a good option.