What made you select your Hosting Provider?

I am on VPS. I needed to change my Servint's server to EU location + SSD, WHM/Cpanel, managed. It was hard to find, really. I made a shortlist and contacted several providers, some of them responded in 3 days, others - in 20 minutes. Then I've read reviews on WHT, compare their activities and decided to go with jonesolutions. I'm with them several months only, but for now it's OK. I don't really like their support: they respond fast, but they are too laconic and don't like to explain the things. :) But anyway Jonesolutions offers very good servers for affordable prices ($50 for ssd, whm/cpanel and fully managed, I think it's a good price)

So, it's:

- product
- price
- reputation
- support

Most important is server performance, uptime and support desk resolution time.

Price must be affordable and not so expensive which can be hard to pay. For example If pricing of VPS down to $5/mo and your server provider sell dedicated server with a configuration for VPS node at $300/mo with e3 CPU then of-course you will be never able to give competition to $5 providers.

So pricing is also important.
Me, I use two providers

For dedicated resources, I chose, because of $$$. That will likely change, as they're not anywhere near the quality I expect, and a bit over priced.

For VPS servers, I have used Ramnode for a few years now. I started with them in November of '14, just one server. Now, I believe I have better than 10. The price is reasonable, the support (when I need it) is phenomonal, and the network speed and quality is great. I can't say enough good about Nick and all at Ramnode!
After having a few bad VPS providers i found Bigscoots and i wish i found them years earlier. Been with then since 2012 and cant see me moving.

support is out of this world, no matter what time day or night, support is answered within minutes and issues solved just as quick.

A big thank you to Scott and his team
Choose a host who understands your specific needs, and who can sit down with you and talk about what your needs are, and how that host can accommodate for those needs.
I highly recommend to check providers SLA before using their services.
Technical support is one of the most importing thing for customer. Some providers might state that first respond to support ticket is 12-24 hours, while other providers undertakes it in 10-15 min.
Pricing Plans, server uptime, technical support

Generally, customers shift server hosting providers randomly. There are many reasons why they do this. One of the common reason is high server downtime. Other reasons are high prices, low quality services etc. Also, the technical support given by the hosting providers is not prompt and does not help in solving their problems. As a result of which, companies tend to choose & change services often.

I think these are the main reasons for choosing a server hosting provider. Other reasons could be global reach, brand etc.
Humane support 24/7, 99.9% Uptime guarantee in SLA, company site, prices.

I think the most important it is a friendly tech.support, which can help you in any time. And cost is important too.

I think people are starting to slip away from the main question asked in this thread. This isn't about what you think are the most important factors when selecting a hosting provider, this is about what specifically made you select your hosting provider.
After testing the support and sales reply times I found mine good to go with. That along with reasonable base and add-on prices, testing the network with them at the moment so I should hopefully be onto a winner if it remains as it has the last month :)
Here are few points to go through before you pick up your new web host.

Know your hosting needs.
Check server reliability and uptime guarantees.
Hosting upgrade options.
Numbers of addon domain.
Signup prices vs renewal prices.
Refund policy and free trial period.
Essential hosting features.
24X7 Support via live chat, Call and Help Desk
If you are considering a dedicated hosting environment, who is responsible for managing the servers? Is the plan you are considering one in which the hosting provider will fully manage and service the server or is it one in which you basically rent their server and are responsible for maintaining it and your data?
What type of scalability potential is there? For example, if you start with a shared server plan, are you able to expand your space later or even switch to a dedicated server environment? Or does the provider you are considering specialize in one environment?
What specifically is included in the plan that you are considering? Sure, you know that it includes X RAM and Y bandwidth – but what does that mean? Make sure that you understand what you’re getting from the storage through the number of email addresses, quantity of domains and subdomains included, and beyond.
Needed resilient infrastructure that can be controlled without contacting upstream vendors. Great technical support when I need it. So we built our infrastructure on large vendors openstack cloud. Lots of openstack tools around, so simple to control.
For me, the cost is the first impression. Then, it's reviews on various platforms. And lastly is support and company reputation.