What made you select your Hosting Provider?


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What was the determining factor that made you select the Hosting provider you are with or you plan to choose?

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Good customer service and support. I don't think people mind paying that little bit more for a service if the service and support is there.

Infrastructure, World Class support and Reviews are the main things which every one will look first and then in the end all will look where they can get the above 3 at the lowest possible rate ..
Quality of network and hardware here. I do look for good support but it would be for the hardware since we take care of all the software.
Cost, speed, security, support. Maybe the reviews are last as factor. Sometimes you can get good service even from company with bad reviews. It happens.

I will put the support in the topmost position on the list provided, then it will comes with the hardware specs you are going to host your site on, so you could be sure of its processing, what configuration is provided to you would be the next one. Cost depends on what you are going to host whether that your site is mission critical or something else. Maximum uptime of the site is what should be checked for.
I think the human factor has always been my 1st priority, if I can't find an answer, I like to just pick up the phone and call someone.
For me, the determining factor when choosing my current hosting provider was the reasonable price for the packages they offer and the customer support. The friendly attitude when solving their customers’ problems is a great thing.
I think the human factor has always been my 1st priority, if I can't find an answer, I like to just pick up the phone and call someone.

Yes, I do agree with this. Support does come into this category. If you know that someone is there to help you whenever needed, you can just knock the doors and get the help. Happy client ... Happy webhosters ...
Great support and price. The server runs fast and delivers all around the world good average speeds. Most of all customer support. Friendly and fast to respond.
For me, it's customer service and technical support.

I don't really care about the price, as well as the age of the provider - actually I sometimes prefer new provider, more features and motivation.
These all factors have gained prominence while selecting the web hosting either cost, support, reputation and more. But technical support is one of the most important factors. It doesn't matter how good your web skills, or how reliable the hosting company, naturally some problem may arise when something will go wrong, or you want some answer of questions. When that time comes, you want to make sure you have an excellent customer service team waiting to answer your queries. If no such team exists, you would face lots of problems and that situation may lead you to select another host.