Preferred Ticket Support System


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Hello there!

As a web host it's interesting to find out what people prefer as their ticket support system. If you are a customer of web hosting please share your thoughts on preferred ticket support systems. Such as WHMCS, ZenDesk etc.

I've seen a lot more web hosts utilizing ticket systems outside of WHMCS, as customers do people prefer this?


If you are using WHMCS for billing then its always better to use WHMCS ticket system else you can check Kayako as its also good.


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We use an in-house system for our support tickets. But I believe the WHMCS system is pretty good in lack of a better option. Moreover, if you have your system built on WHMCS, is over the hand to build another one and try to integrate it with WHMCS.


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Inbuilt ticket system, Never got a chance to use other ticket support system.

I don't have a customer base. Have only few customer ;(


Pretty much everyone seem to use and recommend WHMCS Ticket system are there any alternatives that are just as good?


I've tried Kayako, WHMCS and both of them are good for me.
If you want to try a free software, you can try OSTicket.
All these brands can do the job, but it depends on your needs if you look for a specific feature or you feel comfortable using one more than the others.


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Should we consider strictly helpdesk solutions? not actual billing systems with a built-in helpdesk. Following my experience with both Kayako and FreshDesk, I can tell, FreshDesk accomplished incredible job in making their helpdesk solution very easy to use, super friendly, I really can tell that. Besides being very friendly and easy to use for the agents/staff, they have all the features I personally needed during my work with it, canned replies, automated scenarios, flexible and automated ticket dispatcher module and those who also offer social media support, they have great twitter integration right inside FreshDesk admin level, so you can either reply to twitter directly from FreshDesk or convert twitter posts into tickets and reply to your clients this way. So, while considering a solid helpdesk solution, certainly check them out for features, test their demo and decide for your self - after-all, it's just my opinion.
If you are using WHMCS then the built in support system is great.

For a standalone support system; Kyako and Zendesk are two options that come to mind.


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We use the built in ticket system in whmcs. Have from day one and it has worked just fine. I never did see the need to pay for something more.


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whmcs support ticket system +1, heck whmcs is mean web hosting management complete system, why we need others again like koyako support ticket or others :D


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Personally I use WHMCS for ticket support and knowledgebase and I use Zendesk for live chat aswell as using WHMCS email pipe feature for email tickets


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Kayako > WHMCS > Ubersmith for support systems.

After Kayako the there's a big drop off before WHMCS/ubersmith.