Intel or AMD ?

Both are good. Intel is the more reliable choice, but AMD isn't far behind these days. AMD wins the price war 100%
Both Intel and AMD processors are widely used in the hosting world, but historically, Intel has been more dominant. However, AMD has gained significant traction in recent years with its competitive performance and pricing, especially with its Ryzen and EPYC server processors. Overall, both brands are prevalent choices for hosting providers, each offering various benefits depending on specific use cases and requirements.
While Intel has traditionally held a larger market share in hosting, AMD has been gaining ground in recent years. Currently, Intel CPUs are still more widely used due to their established reputation.
When you are buying new/used servers for your hosting company, the first thing you are looking for are deals available for you with delivery/customs options. You check the form factor of the server, available sata and u.2 slots. CPU is often not the decisionmaker, but usually Intel has more available options to buy.