Dedicated Server

A dedicated server :
Dedicated servers are systems that are solely devoted to the operation of one company's applications and services. A shared server is a sort of computer system in which numerous users share the same resources. In contrast, a dedicated server has its own independent computer system. A dedicated server offers the customer greater flexibility and control over their data as well as complete management over the resources and operations of the machine itself. Although dedicated servers might be somewhat pricey, the numerous benefits they provide make the cost well worth it.

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As for me, before you start to look for the right server, you should think - maybe a dedicated server is not necessary at all. I mean I'm in my practice meet a lot of companies, who order dedicated server but for their website will be enough shared hosting.
But, if dedicated - it's a must (I tell about the server for website) - the most important point - it's where is your customer from.