Dedicated Server

Please specify, what will you host on your server?
If you will host website, need to know from where will be the main traffic of audience.

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How to take up right location for a dedicated Server?

Based on this it is really hard to suggest you anything.
Elaborate your requirements a bit, so that it would be easier to guide you.

If I have to answer the question, you need to search for
1. Location nearby to you for faster connectivity
2. Location with good environmental conditions to maintain high uptime


Where is your target market, the place(s) where you want to deliver content to? Based on this, we'd make a recommendations.


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Generally you're going to want to pick the most geocentric location possible for your userbase that also has good connectivity.


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Server location plays a significant role in terms of web hosting as it helps in loading your website faster for the potential visitors. So, it is very important to select the server location near your target audience.
If your focus is on international audience, CDN is the best to be considered to enhance the experience of the visitors by bringing your content closer to them.


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Based on your original question have you ever purchased a dedicated server or will this be your first time? Do you have a budget in mind for it? Exactly what kind of server are you looking for? It really depends on what you will be doing with the server if the actual location will really make a difference.


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For sure if this would be your first time using a dedicated server, you will not find the best answer in forums.
But as the colleagues said you must ask your self a couple of questions:
1. What kind of server do you need ?
2. What kind of business you would like to start ?
3. Target ?

Next you must think about the price and location.
After answering of this questions you probably must have some idea what kind of server you would use and where (in which country) you will start searching for a company.


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How to take up right location for a dedicated Server?

check the purpose , choose the location that is near to your customers or you , make sure you are not hosting any abuse materials as DCs are very concerned with abuse issues and last the budget you have along with the configuration you are looking for.


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Firstly choose a company who fits your needs and offers good support/ track record.

For location it depends on your preference but for the most part you would want a server close to where your largest customer base is located.


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Depending on where you and your target customers are located at, find a data center that is within the same proximity. For example, if I am serving Malaysians, and I am a Singaporean, for the purpose of having a better ranking SEO in Malaysia, and to get as low latency as possible, I'd choose to host my dedicated server in CX2 data center, located in Malaysia.

There are a few data centers in Malaysia. I'd look for one with the most reliable infrastructure. Just to name a few, power redundancy, cooling system and protection against fire hazards.

When choosing a data center, it is also important that you know their practices as well as terms and conditions.


It is hard to say as there are many factors at play. Typically you want to have your server in the country you'd like to be your main clientele. Depending on the service you are providing some clients really want something as close as possible for example some gaming server, clients might want the server to be located in their city.

Make sure you have your business plan in place prior to making these decisions.


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Let’s go through a short checklist of criteria to help you make the right decision:

1. Consider your target audience.
2. See which data centers your web host offers.
3. Check your data center’s performance.
The most important is the location of your audience. You should select the location of the server and try to keep it as close as possible to your audience.


A Dedicated server data center will be loading your website for potential visitors. The data center has an essential part of web hosting, so you have to select it ideally. To take the best location for your dedicated server, find solutions to the following questions:

a] Where are Your Users From?

To start with, find where your users are from. It would help if you first considered finding your gathering of people, watching the distinctive traffic designs over the system, and recognizing the appeal districts. Picking a supplier out of the area can make it easy to change facilitating to another location inside the supplier's system. Steering traffic with a great foundation will make a positive affair. Since separation assumes an extraordinary job in executing your site, picking a devoted server near the area of your group audience will prove to be a good decision.

b] Is Your Data Center Close to the Internet Exchange Point?

The closeness of the devoted server to the client can make an incredible effect on the execution of your site. Be that as it may, this will have no distinction if the separation between the internet exchange point (IXP) and the server farm is excessively extraordinary. The foundation through which the web passes, the IXP fills in as an intersection or marking focuses that offer numerous ways through which the information can travel, diminishing the transmission capacity. Server farms situated a long way from the IXP regularly endure more noteworthy idleness as the data needs to travel a long distance.

c] Consider Your Data Centre Performance:

The perfect area of your server won't offer value on the off chance it needs a legitimate foundation for the clients. Some facilitating specialist organizations offer obsolete equipment with few arrangements for reinforcements and security. The server farm may likewise experience the ill effects of lacking ventilation, fire insurance, control, etc. Other than checking the area of your dedicated server, it is similarly critical to think about the foundation to ensure you get what you're paying.

Thus, the topographical area of your devoted server is vital as it guarantees that your guests get the quickest reaction time by facilitating the information near the location of your target audience.