chating software


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I've tried both LiveZilla and Tawk ( Free )

I prefer tawk as the client is more lightweight on my desktop and phone in comparison to LiveZilla .

Works great too, they have added video chat ( tho I've never used it ), has GeoLocation tracking and monitoring.


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Livechatinc is pretty good however since Tawk has a paid version without advertising it works pretty good also. Ideally I would prefer having a self hosted solution so that everything is on our own system.


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We use Tawk and Smartsupp. Depend the client needs and the projects. Both of them are a great great choice and do a nicely job. Ohhh.. and they are free!


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I will vote for
Tawk is free and has all the needed features. Once you have your business up, running and in affording position they you can go for other pay to use options.
Otherwise, just like us, you can continue to use it even when you people don't have any issues of budget.


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I recommend Chatra for any one because of their sleek design and awesome features.

Personally i use, because chatra lacks real time visitor list which i consider as a important factor.


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LiveChat is another great chat software. Anyone who has the necessary budget and needs a reliable live chat should consider Live Chat software.