chating software


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If you want a good paid one you can use Zopim, or for a one time fee, try phpLive!. I would recommend phpLive!


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I also like its really easy to use I was looking at them for a while for a good one to buy but then I decided I would use

I know of all of the premium once I am going to be offering them for a resell option soon with my new buisness I am going to be doing reselling software dpp-products it will be called


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If your using WHMCS you can get the Live chat for $6.95 / month.
Allows Single Domain but multiple staff.


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LiveChat Messenger, LiveHelp messenger, are some of the live chat software you can use. they are all user friendly.


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More low cost chatting software out their then I thought. Although for me the question is still rather it is effective. Even if you have 24/7 out sourced people manning it to me their replies cheapen your service. So I honestly feel if your going have a chat you need first be able to afford in house support on it or perhaps an option on a ticket to give them a chat option to help them solve their issues.


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Jivo was alright, but I just didn't get it. They packed far too much into 'premium', started spamming once that free trial died, and it was ugly.
Sticking with for now. We'll see how that turns out


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I used Livechatinc for a bit, but now switched to Very nice and user friendly to me. It's free, but they do have some paid packages as well. Either route, I think does the job well.