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Best domain provider ?


Staff member
With promotions and discounts, the provider is the best!

I think the opposite. With so many coupons and promotions, a lot of GoDaddy's clients turn to continuous search struggle for discounts in order to motivate their stay with them. I got so tired of that that I left the service long time ago. I prefer much cleaner interfaces, without a bombardment of add-on and special offers just to renew a domain name.


New member
We had used Godaddy in the past, but since they has stopped with there coupons as the result of their expansion to european market, the prices of godaddy are to high.

Namecheap, Namesilo are currently our prefered companys


hmm, how can you really recommend one? Domain registrations are simple, require no support and usually all are the same.

Only difference is the price.

Preferably I keep my personal Domains with Internetbs and NameCheap however InternetBS has been a pain with one recently but other than that never any issues.

hostshield ltd

New member
I use enom, i like them but the only problem is that the deposit takes around 3 days to reach your balance if you pay by card. If you pay with paypal it is instant


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I had customers who used to use godaddy, but then switched to either networksolutions or namecheap

I would recommend networksolutions for domain names because they do not try to upsell you like godaddy does.