Best domain provider ?


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I have majority of my domains with
The rest are with

Used to do a lot of business with GoDaddy, but they have become so obsessed with marketing a million other services on the way to checkout, that it finally turned me off. I like clean interfaces that allow me to just focus on my domains.


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I always used Namesilo because they offered free WHOIS privacy. I have never tried Porkbun but I have heard many good things about them.


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Godaddy having promo $0.99 this days (code: GDD99com)

All registrars are having all kinds of promotions all the time. It's just it doesn't really have much to do with this particular discussion and the question being asked. :)


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Are you having any issues with Godaddy and are looking to move elsewhere?
What exactly are you looking to get, is it price that you want cheaper?


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Domain name simply being another name for IP address

Not really as a domain needs to point to a specific server by the use of Nameservers. (normally 2). It is the nameservers that point to the servers IP addresses.

You can have 1 million domains that all point to the same server as a domain is not a different name for an IP address. If this is what you think then you are in the wrong business and need to learn alot before to continue as a web host.


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I personally like Namesilo and Namecheap, although I'd give a slight edge to Namesilo due to how easy everything is.


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ENOM for reselling is just too expensive these days.

I have pretty good experience with dynadot
You should check them out.


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Enom, ResellerClub, NameCheap, and NameSilo are all great resellers that we've used at various stages.

These days, because we're not reselling domains and instead using them just for ourselves, Google Domains is our registrar of choice. Not only do you get an easy admin interface, but you get the nameservers on Google Cloud network, so the response time is even faster for lookups.