What type of billing system are you using / prefer ?


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Hi all,

we are hosting company from Bulgaria and we are using last few years Hostbill for our billing system, but it has a lot of bugs. Before that we have tried with Blesta and WHMCS whith the same bad result. Could you share what would you suggest as per your experience - which is better and do you think is reasonable to try to develop on your own system for personal or even shared use ? Thanks in advance for comments and opinions !
I do believe WHMCS has some bugs, but not to the points of it being unusable. WHMCS is still very much the most popular software used.

DirectAdmin, Blesta, HostBill — all being actively used. I just don't think you are going to find a smaller, or less known application that is more stable than these titles.
Dear Artashes,
thank you for information! What do you think about WISECP, UberSmith, ClientExec ? These are some options that i am trying to revue ? Thanks !
I have seen some people using Blesta and it seems like a great alternative. I have been using WHMCS since 2012 and have become so used to it I have a hard time switching. I still remember using WHMAutoPilot back in 2003 before there ever was a WHMCS.
Honestly, I know whmcs has become a bit pricey now that cPanel bought them out but whmcs is still probably the best billing and management software out there. I've tried others but they don't compare to whmcs features, add-ons and private add-ons.

It is a shame they sold to cPanel, I think that purchase ruined them a bit as cPanel only cares about money and the friendly, family atmosphere that the whmcs gave you is not there anymore.
I have been using WHMCS since 2006 and have not experienced any bugs. There are some things I don't like about the way it works but have managed to work around them. But haven't seen any actual bugs.
We are using WHMCS for many years, we find it easy to use and features like automated billing, third-party integration, etc. make it our first choice.

If I were asked for alternatives, Blesta & HostBill would be my other choices.
We've been using Blesta for years, and for it's price there are no complains. It's also more open than WHMCS so you can make tweaks to your liking
We are using Hostbill and so far didn't had issues, if you describe what bugs, we'll try to give you some clues.
Also we had experience with WHMCS, and there are some cons, that not come by default in whmcs like automatic cancellation of invoices after a period of time, client login bruteforce detection (in whmcs out of the box there is no option to activate some captcha for client login page)
The hosting user management system consists of two aspects that need to be examined: management and user side. When selecting a user management system, it is crucial to take both of these aspects into consideration to ensure ease of use for both the user and the administrator.

Given that WHMCS and HostBill are two user management systems widely used by hosting service providers, users are already familiar with utilizing them. Therefore, my recommendation would be to opt for one of these two systems.
It's really easy to complain about WHMCS, especially in light of their continually increasing prices, but the fact is that it is mature, solid, extensible, and it works.

Blesta is similarly robust, does exactly what it is supposed to and does it well.

Upmind is also an interesting solution, if you don't mind the fact that it is a service rather than being self-hosted, which is a problem for me personally, but it's a nice piece of software in spite of that.

I'd also draw attention to FOSSBilling, with the full disclosure that I am a member of the steering committee for the project. FOSSBilling is an open source project which was forked from BoxBilling (Note: Please don't use BoxBilling, it has a number of security issues) and has had a huge amount of work poured into it over the past year.

FOSSBilling isn't recommended for use in production just yet although many people are, but it is moving forwards all of the time. There is an up to date roadmap, and we have recently pushed release 0.6 which was the biggest release yet and makes it much closer to production ready.

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WHMCS has never failed or disappointed, so it's an obvious choice for providers of all sizes. But when you get to a certain size, you stop worrying about pricing for essential software. Stability and security creeps out in front and believe me, you'd be happy to pay even more if that means your business is better protected.
I use WHMCS, its packed with a lot of features. The problem is, like cPanel, they are raising there pricing. I have seen many different alternatives, and the one that I have considered moving to for quite some time is HostBill. However I know WISECP is also another option.

Really depends on what your use case is, what payment gateways you are utilizing, what integrations you need (cPanel, Virtualizor, VirtFusion, etc).

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