What CPU for your dedicated?

Actually, I currently co-lo a server at NAC, and have had no problems at all, I must just be lucky. :D

But, those are all cheap.
Neutelligent - no problems, because they cost $$$.
Same with RackSpace, because they cost like $700 a month for 30GB bandwidth!

You pay what you get for, I'm not saint since I'm moving to RackShack and they are "cheap". But you pay for quality... now I just hope RackShack doesn't go bad on me now cause I said you get what you pay for. :p
From what I've heard - rackshack are good network wise - you are on your own with the server. DV2 do hold your hand sometimes...
Yeah, I know.

I'd rather be left on my own though because in the end you have to learn the ropes. I'm currently co-lo at NAC, so I've got a sysadmin to help out but I am gonna get him to teach me the ropes and maybe another one or two support reps who I'm very very good friends with so I can like fire him, lol, because he's expensive and then keep the rest of the staff. :)
It's good to learn it yourself... I have done that as I have gone along, and had support from fellow tech buffs and technies, but techies are expensive !

Anjay said:
<< If it was a 1ghz server - go with a duron - had one of those running with a very good load for the best part of a year - no problem at all. >>

Yeah, but when RackShack offered their AMD Duron's with 1GHz, they stopped offering more since they were over-heating. I know this myself since I e-mailed them AGES back when they only had Plesk and they said this, so it looks like even the big boys think Intel is better? :confused:

we have never had a heating problem with our durons. the only time weh ave had heating problem is when running xp in small case. durons in small case have run excellent.

we always put xp;s no in mid tower and they work great.
Ahh, very very nice there. :)

But it's weird how RackShack had lots of problems with their Duron's overheating, etc. when 1GHz yet DV2 didn't... strange that. :confused:
Yeah, maybe, I'm not sure though. Well at least their new Dell Dual Xeon's are really great and have no heating problems at all. :D
Two of my servers are using AMD Atlon processors. I'm quite happy with their performance. AMD is a server grade processor - not like Celeron. They are performing just as well as some of the Intel processors on my other servers.

Not tried any of the 3Ghz P4's yet, the 2.4's are performing VERY well.
I'd *like* to try an opteron based server and compare it to the xeons at some point ...
@ othellotech

Nor have I tried the Pentium 4 3GHz processor systems, but I can
also vouch that the P4 2.4GHz ones are doing very well. Very fast,
very good and for me very reliable.

@ dnswho

Not really. ;) If you learn about AMD, and really learn about it
properly you'll be surprised. With an AMD, their AthlonXP+
2.167GHz processor is JUST AS FAST AND JUST AS GOOD as
an Intel Pentium 4 3GHz one. So really shows you that the bigger
number doesn't always mean better. ;)

Personally... currently all servers are P4 2.4GHz, although all
future ones will be Dual Intel Xeon 2GHz systems. ;) - Very smooth. :D
Agreed. AMD gests too hot and causes many problems such as power management problems. I am fine with an AMD processor in a home PC or even a small office PC, but for a server, I always have to say Intel because of the reliability and cooling.
Intel, every time (from now on). I've been having a lot of trouble with my home PC which has an Athlon XP 2400, keep crashing for no apparent reason.
osirishost: And you're sure it's the CPU? I do agree on Intel, but have you checked everything else in your home machine before coming to that conclusion?