What accounting software do you use?


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We use Xero with the EdgeHosting WHMCS to Xero plugin.

Xero costs £30 a month and the plugin is £60 a year, but it works flawlessly and requires very little time and effort - all invoices are exported to Xero with the daily cron, then every few days we reconcile the transactions with our bank account. It also lets us file our VAT return directly from the dashboard, so it effectively cost neutral after paying accountancy fees.


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WHMCS is fully supportive tool to work for billing and management. I will also go with this. I dont think there is any other tool which is as user friendly as it is.

But I'm waiting for another tool to compete with WHMCS.


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I dont use any software for billing and accounting for my hosting business as still it is growing and excel sheets and downloaded invoices from WHMCS do it all.


Freeagent is what I use for my accounting, makes it a lot easier and it's cheap in comparison to getting an accountant. But as others have mentioned if you want a 'free' method, you can just download invoices and log income/outgoings in Excel sheets :)