Web Hosting VS Cloud Hosting


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Instead of hosting your website on a single machine, the cloud allows you to spread your data across multiple, interconnected servers, located across a wide geographical area. These servers only exist in a virtual environment – hence the name cloud.


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I seen this debate in web hosting forums for years about VPS and cloud hosting. Shared hosting and Cloud hosting completely different though.

With shared hosting your sharing server resources and software on the same kernel and can suffer from bad neighbour effects.

VPS is your own dedicated container with your own kernel (depending on virtualization) and if KVM you have more access to your resources such as memory and CPU time.

Cloud Hosting alot of people consider it as VPS hosting but easily scalable, in my opinion difference between VPS and Cloud is HA (High Availability) which is basically means there's another node to run your VPS if one goes down.

I expect there is alot that disagree with these definitions on this.forum though.


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A web hosing that sells you CPU, Memory, Disk & Bandwidth will always give you better performance than a host selling merely Disk & Bandwidth, assuming that you are paying for enough CPU and Memory.


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As cloud hosting is a virtual server that includes site files on the server. Your site data is stored among multiple server connections and you can access them from anywhere. Like traditional web hosting, cloud hosting does not have any physical server. It is a collection of a number of machines that acts as one system.
But in traditional web hosting like shared servers and dedicated servers, you don't get this type of system. These are based on a single server. It has limited resources and capabilities. it is less expensive than cloud hosting but poorly secured.


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What is the difference between web hosting and cloud hosting?

I have described in simple way:

Web hosting is a service that allows you to have an online presence. You'll need to rent a server or a facility to store all of your site's files if you want to start a website. This is also the area where your website's files are connected.

Cloud hosting is a sort of web hosting in which websites are hosted on cloud-based virtual servers. Cloud hosting is a sort of server and network architecture that uses software to partition a real server into multiple virtual servers.


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The diffrence between web hosting and cloud hosting could be defined as the web hosting extends to place chosen for the hosting of the documents from the your website. Web host generally haaving all collection of the files on website address or url. A website is a collection of bundle of the documents placed at somewhere on a hosting. A web browser can downloads those documents easily from the web host and easily shows them to a user want to see with the help of url or domain name in the browser. Files of a website can be stored on a single server with a great web hosting. According to the size of a website, how much traffic is comming on to the site, and the level of the technical skills, are the key factors for the requirements of the server environment a person needs who wants to host the website.

A single physical server can’t be hosted without cloud hosting. As all the hardware are essentially virtual. If we talk about cloud it is the basic hosting which was grown in last some years, this style of the hosting is known as a quite fresh trend that has grown in a great way if we talk about in terms of the popularity. The limitless extension of the resources in Cloud hosting is really awesome for a speedly growing website. A website meight be shielded for the protection from malfunctioning servers just because in a non working situation, the website must be switched to the another.

If we talk about the quality of the cloud hosting it is one of the best hosting just because of its pricing is so flexible, and the option of payment for only what you have used make it so unique. So, when their is a very high traffic comes in a month, the facility of scale up resources quickly is make it so amazing.

In todays google world if the traffic on web is fluctuate or goes up and down, then the requirement of a host for such conditions is very must. And a host is not the matter of cut short in such situations, but from a managed or dedicated host the server resources are so expensive, in such adverse situations the cloud hosting could fit and best suitable for the requirements.


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Web hosting is a service by which a website is made available on the Internet. This provides a physical location to store the website. Cloud hosting is also a type of web hosting. In cloud hosting, multiple servers are configured flexibly. It is known for its virtual and dynamic scalable infrastructure, which typically operates based on demand.