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Start hosting company!


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Unless you have a huge investment to be spent on marketing & support and understand the hosting business, its better to start small. However small you may start, you would need at least $1000 including budget for 6-9 months, till you turn operationally profitable or at least breakeven.

You may choose one of the many providers (reseller, vps & dedicated) who provide end-user support for their resellers. Identify the best among them and start. Choose the one with good reputation and do remember that all three types of hosting need not be at the same place. Always choose managed vps/dedicated, regardless on how good you are at technical side. Route your support directly to the provider or have a help while you are sleeping. Don't ever compromise on support.

Don't hesitate to switch providers, if you find recurring issues.

Use forums and social media for your marketing and discover some guerrilla marketing tricks.
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Not really sure I can agree with all of this...

If you are just renting a VPS from somewhere, have someone else 'managing' it, and then passing all of the support to whoever you have bought it from, what possible reason do you have for customers to buy a service from you, when they can surely get it directly from whoever you are getting it from for a lower price?

I don't see that as running a hosting company, that sounds much more like just being a sales channel for someone else to me.


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I disagree.

When i started in 1999 i had £100. I got a cheap reseller plan, advertised on ebay and hosting forums and built up a client base and a good reputation, then i moved onto a VPS. I ran my hosting business as a 1 man band until 2018 when i close it down.
So you dont need $1000 to run for 6 to 9 months.
As per my suggestion, everything depends on marketing efforts, nowadays competitions increases and companies trying to invest money in Digital Marketing, they try to focus on Social Media as well Search engine, So as per the conclusion is ROI completely dependent on your monthly strategy and implementation