Now RackShack offers cPanel, will you use them?

Talk to Jason, he is online AIM right now.
His sn is: SkyNet CSM 101

I'm sure he can help even though he is a sales rep.

But to be honest, I'm quite surprised they didn't turn out.
I know of three companies using them - who all love them.

I'm very shocked they turned out soo bad for you. :eek:
************** = :confused:

Did you mean Web Hosting Talk?
Not sure, just do it with - between each letter so we know who you mean. :)
No, it certainly wont be good for Neutelligent's rep! :eek:

I've a question... why was Web Hosting Talk replaced by *** ?? :confused:
LOL just to cover it, I'm regular to do that..

Anyway, after I told them I'll go to WHT they immediatly send me the money :)
Ahhh, well at least they sent you back your money. :)

Oh, can I ask, are you the same person on the WebHostingTalk forums? (rsmhost on WHT = you also or not?)
Ah ok. How come your username here is royisher yet at WebHostingTalk is is RSMHost?

Curious... you seem to let everyone there know about RSMHost, yet here you hide it away in your WWW link... :confused:
I'm not hiding anything, I'm just a mod in HD Forums network, So I decided to do that...

BTW, another goal with RackShack, with each new cPanel server, you get free license of: Xcontroller + Fantastico.
Cool, that sounds really great - I'd love that. :D

But... now is the time of truth, the sales rep is keeping me on strings like in the game "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?" ... aie, I cannot stand it any longer, lol

he keeps replying so slowly - I have no idea what he'll say though... *gulp*