Money back guarantee


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Fortunately for us, this has never been a problem. If a customer orders only a Web Hosting product and says within 30 days that I will cancel this service, we will usually refund the full price the same day.
Although the "first month free" promotion has just started: )


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Of course, if you follow the rules of the user agreement and do not break the rules. It only happens that a refund is possible if you use the services for no more than 7 days. It also depends on the payment method, for example, a commission is possible.


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It depends on who you work with. Some places offer this but most will have a detail about money back guarantees only being for a very short amount of time.

It is something I honestly don't see many people offer these days.
All hosting providers will offer a MBG policy, and yes these will be for limited periods (basically a trial period), some will be 7 days, others 14 days, most will be 30 days you cannot have an indefinite MBG period otherwise you may have a client after 5 years say right i want my money back.