Live chat. What happens when it's not live?


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I've noticed more and more companies not recording the chat logs for user review - meaning, me as a customer, I should be allowed to re-read what was done before.

This was something we had available to our clients when I ran hosting. A user could see any ticket they entered, and any live chat communication that they had with staff.

Today, more than ever, I find myself running into a similar issue that I had resolved a few weeks or a few months ago, but can't remember what I did (or the host did) to resolve it. Having that chat log or ticket log available means I can quickly tell the staff "do X as per previous chat" without them having to research how to do something.

Seems like all the big hosts are removing the ability to review old tickets or chats.
I find many companies dont offer print or email transcripts of live chats. I recently had a chat with Amazon and asked about a transcript and was told ' sorry we dont offer that, but the chat is recorded on our system against your account' not much use to me