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    What is unmetered bandwidth ?

    There is no monthly bandwidth limit for unmetered bandwidth, but there is a maximum port size. On a 1Gbps link, for example, you can send and receive unlimited data. When you're a game maker, a media company that broadcasts video and audio to wide audiences, a news media platform, a news blog...
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    Windows Or Linux VPS - Which Should I Use ?

    it totally depends on the nature of the work. For a coding and programming perspective, Linux is the best option to choose and for gaming purpose windows is the best.!!!
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    Web Hosting VS Cloud Hosting

    In normal web hosting you buy one server and host your app in it. In cloud hosting you don’t buy servers , you buy computing services. Here you can spawn how much every servers you want. If you don’t want them you can shut it down. You won’t be billed if you don’t use their services. However...
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    Difference between Cloud Hosting & Web Hosting

    Web Hosting is the most common practice for hosting providers; websites are stored on their physical servers. This can be done through a hosting company or even on a local server or PC. The majority of hosting companies will provide this standard form of hosting. Cloud Hosting, which is not...
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    Web Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

    Traditional Hosting This may be a simple solution, however standard organizing is available in 2 kinds: Devoted Hosting - where you spend for resources committed only to you Shared Organizing - you pay less, yet have to share sources with others on the same server Standard hosting has it's...
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    Secure Sockets Layer

    points you should consider while choosing an SSL Certificate for your website Certificate Authority reputation Customer services SSL Certificate options Browser compatibility Price compassion SSL Technology and updated algorithm Key roots or encryption strengths...
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    Web Hosting

    In cloud hosting, you have the provision of installing various sorts of applications with the CPanel's help. Still, the user will have less control over the hosting settings when dealing with the distribution of functions all across the various servers. In the case of customization in VPS, the...
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    how to prevent ddos attack

    How to Prevent DOS Attacks - Use an Intrusion Detection System – your system should monitor anomalous activity and provide early warning so you can head off a DOS attack - Deploy a Reverse Proxy – a collection of reverse proxies deployed in many locations can act as a “bouncer” and monitor...
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    Linux or Windows ?

    In my point of view, no OS is far better than the various other. Nonetheless, both are distinct and also serve their finest to specific individual needs and market demands. Both the OS have various marketing target. Linux provides excellent rate and safety, on the other hand, Windows provides...
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    What is a brute force attack?

    Brute Force attack is a technique used by hackers to crack a password of a WiFi, actually it doesn’t fit, it is technique that can crack any password whether its a WiFi password or any other account on the Internet. It is actually an idea to crack a password using every possible combination of...
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    Vps Or Dedicated Server

    VPS Hosting: It's a lot extra economical than committed organizing. You still obtain committed sources for your site, despite the fact that you don't have the full physical server. You can extra quickly "range" your holding, particularly if you opt for a cloud VPS. That is, you can quickly...
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    VPS or Reseller?

    Benefits Of Reseller Hosting: Reseller hosting is easy to set up and handle and is easy to use. For starting your very own web hosting enterprise with reseller holding, you require no thorough technical knowledge. Given that the WHM control board has reseller organizing, via this single...
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    What do you check when you choose a Dedicated Server?

    you should see that the provider is providing you quick 24*7 customer support with good data centre.The pricing should be good and not expensive.There are many benefits of dedicated server such as Enhanced performance and security Unique IP address No overhead for purchasing or maintaining...
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    Managed or unmanaged VPS?

    Managed VPS hosting is better for: non-tech savvy users busy tech-savvy users pressed for time and energy tech-savvy users not comfortable with managing VPS setup and security Unmanaged VPS hosting is better for: Tech savvy users wanting more control over the environment Business owners...
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    Vps Hosting

    Fully Managed VPS provides below : 24/7/365 Phone, Email, and Chat Support Full Hardware & Software Management 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement Full Control Panel Support Best Effort 3rd Party Support