Windows Or Linux VPS - Which Should I Use ?


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ello Experienced VPS Hosting Advisers,

I don't have experience with Unix apart from running websites on Shared Hosting like in the past. Never really dealt with Linux. Only WHM & cPanel. Hostings were on Unix OS ofcourse.

I use Windows on my home laptops and home pc.
Now using Android OS on my Smart Fone.
I use them 3 devices to surf the internet.
And learn PHP programming. Am beginner level programmer student.

I was learning PHP programming on laptop and pc using WAMPP then XAMPP as LocalHost. Never used LAMPP.
I use NotePad++ PHP Editor. Don't know any other.
Nowadays in winter, it is too chilli to sit Infront of the pc for too long in a big room and so I continue learning PHP programming using my Smart Fone in bed under the heavy blanket. I have installed "anWriter" PHP editor (it is like NotePad++) and "AWebServer" on Android. It is like Wampp/Xampp.
The Webserver has Apache, Mysql, PhpMyAdmin and PHP Interpreter.

Problem is, I can't get the phpmail() function to work on my Windows OS pc or on my Smart Fone (Android) as I am not good with configurations. Found instructions on Google how to set things up but following them does not fix the issue. Hence, looking for a webhost to rent a VPS instead because the host will set the PHP to send-out mails using mail(), SendMail or phpmail ER or whatever. Aslong as PHP is set for the Vps to send-out emails then I can continue testing my PHP scripts to send-out emails.
Once I got the SendMail or phpmail() to work properly on my website (VPS), my PHP programming project should be complete and my website up and running.
I am writing a PHP script that will email me when everytime my link gets a visitor. Hence need the PHP to send-out emails. Outgoing emails.

I also need to run a Web Proxy. Will use the GPL "Mini Proxy" PHP script.

I also need access to port 3306.
I will be releasing a few computer softwares (.exe). For windows platform. They will dump data to my website's Mysql database on the Vps.

Which OS should I install ?
I had intentions to install CentOS since I read it is used most on VPS. But I don't have experience with Linux. If it got GUI interface and settings are not rocket science then I may manage it after following instructions.
Was thinking of installing on the unmanaged Vps:

* LAMPP, Webmin

With a Windows OS and Xampp/Wampp background, do you reckon I will manage the CentOs ?
I might need SMTP if PHP SendMail or phpmail() won't work. Problem is, I don't know any SMTP Server for Linux. Nor got any experience installing any on Linux.

Or you think I should install Win OS instead and then install Xampp/Wampp on it ?

I have used "Argosoft Mail Server" (Pop & SMTP) before on Windows OS. And so installing that should not be a problem.
I don't have experience with any other Mail Servers be they Windows or Linux.

I haven't ordered any VPS yet due to spoilt for choice whether to install Windows OS then WAMPP/XAMPP and then Argosoft Mail Server to get the PHP mailing resource up and running or install LAMPP & Webmin.

It comes to this. If the PHP on my VPS is able to get phpmail() send out emails without any problem then installing a Mail Server (SMTP) on my VPS is not needed. In that case, I will go for LAMPP & Webmin option.
Else, I will have to write PHP code for my PHP script to use SMTP Server and I don't know how to install one on Linux. Hence, will need to install "ArgoSoft Mail Server" on Windows OS.
So what is your advice ?
Should I install LAMPP & Webmin first and test the VPS's PHP to see if it has configurations in place or not to send-out emails using phpmail() ?And, If it does then stick to LAMPP & Webmin.
Else, I uninstall Linux and install Win OS. Yes ? But which Win OS options should I pick ? I have never used any Windows Webserver before. Don't have experience.
For cgi, I need PHP. Not Asp.
Don't want IIS Webserver but Apache. Apache is installable on both Linux (LAMPP) and Windows (WAMPP/XAMPP)
And another reason why I haven't ordered from any host yet is because I don't know what type of VPS to go for. Xen, KVM or openVZ.

I read articles and others tell me that OpenVZ is oversold and do slow. I should opt for Xen.
Tonight I read on that, Xen is good for Linux and KVM is good for Windows.
Can someone confirm this.

Now you know my problem and my requirement. So how can your advice help me get up and running on my website asap (as soon as possible) ?
Remember, I won't be using my pc or laptop to build my website but my Android OS smart fone.
VPS Control Panel must be accessible via internet by fone.


As a starter or student I recommend using VirtualBox for practicing and training purpose. VirtualBox is a software that allows you to virtualize with in your current environment. This will allow you to get experience with whatever project you want to achieve. Once comfortable then move on to real life scenarios.


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Which type of hosting is suitable for your website, it totally depends on your requirements. As you have mentioned in the question that you are working on the PHP website. So, this kind of websites Linux based web hosting service is the best option. Linux based web hosting services come with cPanel control panel and it is very user friendly and easy to manage control panel


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it totally depends on the nature of the work. For a coding and programming perspective, Linux is the best option to choose and for gaming purpose windows is the best.!!!


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The virtual private server is the happy medium between the two alternatives. The server is partitioned and your company is afforded an entire one of the partitions. However, since the server is partitioned, other users on the server do not affect you in the same way as they might on a shared server.


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A Windows server generally offers more range and more support than Linux servers. Linux is generally the choice for start-up companies while Microsoft is typically the choice of large existing companies. Companies in the middle between start-up and big companies should look to using a VPS (Virtual Private Server).