why do so many need to buy dedicated hosting from another provider?


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Just provoke the discussion.

If it is possible to have a server at home? So why do so many need to buy dedicated hosting from another provider?

I'm curious, I want a helpful discussion.


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Your home internet generally does not support the needs of a commercial infrastructure.

While it's true that many home internet connections range from 40-100mbps, and that's faster than some small hosting companies, it's usually against the TOS of your internet company.

Factor in the electricity draw, replacement parts, noise, extra air conditioning - you can quickly make it more expensive than renting a dedicated server at another facility.

Can it be done? Yes. Heck, you can use an old PC as a server without much hassle - but it's not designed to do that. It's also generally not going to be reliable.

Could you tow a Semi-Trailer with an F150 truck? Yes. But it's not designed to do that over any period of time (nor is it safe).


I have come across that some home servers are really under powered. I would not put a server at home the infrastructure is not there. It needs cooling, power, and Internet at a large scale.


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Most ISP providers wouldn't allow it, they would probably request from you to switch to their business plan or something like that and then you could do it.
Servers at home as others have said typically don't have the proper bandwidth requirements most companies and people require when it comes to hosting services which is why people rent dedicated servers or do colocation in data centers.

Also there is the noise and heat / cooling issues when it comes to running servers at home. Most people don't have a dedicated room that can prevent the noise and proper cooling in their homes. I know how loud servers can be and it's not something I would ever want in my house.