Which open source firewall should i pick?

Is Shorewall even a thing anymore? Their website seems to be last updated in 2020 and no releases.

I haven't used OPNSense either, I know there was some drama with pfSense a few years back and a lot of people moved away from using pfSense to OPNSense. I don't use pfSense at the moment but have used it in a few commercial settings previously and never had any issues. There is a solid community behind it and independently written guides online for just about anything you will want to do - so, pfSense gets a +1 from me.
OPNsense is loved for its easy-to-use interface and helpful community support. pfSense is trusted for its strong features and reliability. For those looking for a straightforward firewall solution, Shorewall is a great choice. Make your decision based on your individual needs and experience level.
Here's a comparison to help you decide:

pfSense: Powerful, easy web interface, for experienced users.
OPNsense: Stable, user-friendly fork of pfSense, good for most users.
Shorewall: Specific control, command-line focused, ideal for advanced users.

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