What's your take on the new UFO website


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This new website is from the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) and the domain is aaro.mil

Not a whole lot of videos up there right now, but I suspect it'll grow rather large in the next few years.
Very interesting. They wanna make aliens a normal thing so when they bring out the green/gray guy from behind the curtain, it is just another Tuesday for us lol
Love the subject. I think it is the right thing to declassify everything that is known.
While these were already shown in the media, but I cannot wait for more.
You guys think they actually have an alien locked up somewhere? I know space is too big for us to be the only ones but to think one could be here is fascinating.
I saw a bunch of flying saucers close up next to my place a few years ago. There was also a giant ship hovering over my property a couple of months ago.
That was the government trying to get free Netflix off you lol Netflix sharing policy change affected them too. šŸ¤£
I say why not? We have a website for all other kinds of fake stuff... Jokes,

I have no idea what to think about the actual existence of aliens.

However, I think people should have a place to share info. Things is, is this website meant for that? Or for control of information.
Most likely for control of information. Government has to ease into and we all know they won't be 100% with us so what they do share will be about 40% if we are lucky lol
I find the subject fascinating. However, I am just really frustrated and surprised that all such recordings seem to be taken on potatoes and calculators. I'd like to see something in at least 720p. šŸ˜‚
I know right? lol With today's tech, every new photo looks like someone from the 1920s took it. Where is the 4k ultra clear photos lol
It looks like a scam for me.
How so? Scam by how it looks or the government trying to scam us?

Personally, I think the government is trying to show us one room while the other room has a bunch of crap they would rather keep locked away.