What special features do customers look for in shared hosting?

1) A panel which they are familiar with(cpanel)
Not everyone wants cPanel these days as a lot of hosts moved over to DirectAdmin and Plesk when cPanel changed their price structure.

i would say with shared hosting people are looking at

1) Price
2) The control panel their current website is running on for a smooth migration
3) A host that will give them quick support if they request it.
There are many shared hosting providers on the web; choose those that offer the finest features for your website.
  • Free Domains
  • SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Cheap Price
  • Free Migration
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • SSD Storage.
Customers generally only want performance-oriented service in a clean server.
Do not load servers with extra modules.
Usually customers want hosting focused on Uptime and Performance, although their requests may differ.
Important Features of Shared Hosting
  • It is important to pay attention to the traffic speed and bandwidth
  • Uptime Period: Uptime should be 98 to 99%, This is the time when customers can access your site without any issues.
  • SSL Certificate
  • 24/7 Technical support should be provided
  • Pre-Installed Applications
  • Available storage.
  • Monthly traffic.
  • Loading speed.
  • Data security.
  • Customer support.
  • Payment methods.
  • Content management system.
- Best-In-Class Performance
- Super Fast Speed
- 24/7 Instant Support
- Server + Website Security
I think these four encapsulate what the majority of clients look for today. I know I become impatient if support isn't first professional and competent and second, if security isn't top rate.
What do you think are the special features in shared web hosting that most customers are looking for?
Myresellerhome provides affordable and basic hosting plan

1.Free SSL Certificate
2.Best-in-Class Technical Support
3.No Limits On Bandwidth. Free SSL Certificate
4.Best-in-Class Technical Support. Free SSL Certificate
5.Multi-Website Hosting
6.Guaranteed Refund of Your Money for the First 30 Days
7.Email Accounts Are Complimentary
8.Support for the Knowledge Base
9.Free movement of people
If by special features you mean software on the servers.

1. Website builder - There are too many to mention, SitePro and Sitepad are good options.
2. No limits on packages - Cloudlinux + CageFS can help here
3. Support is there when needed.
4. Security tools that gives them peace of mind - Imunify360
We found that also having the possibility of choosing the PHP version from the cPanel is a big plus for customers. But, if we were to make a top 5 of things that influence the customers in buying a shared hosting plan, it would include: price, how many websites they can host under the account, resources (as in speed and such), option to upgrade/downgrade anytime, free migration.

We don't get asked that much about trials ...
There are a few answers above that reference things like "best in class something".

I think the reality is that what people buy or are impressed by is a perception of that, rather than actually it being delivered to them. It's also a highly subjective term, who determines what is 'best in class'?
-server load ( not too heavy)
-sufficient traffic
-fast connectivity to where most of my clients are
-Free SSL Certificate
-Whether the drives are SSD
Most customers look for main features when they want to host in a shared hosting platform.
1. Cost effectiveness.
2. User friendliness
3. Scalability
4. Technical support
5. Performance
6. Security
7. Unlimited Diskspace
8. One click installer
9. Unlimited Bandwidth
10.Unlimited Domains

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