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What is your take on squeeze page strategies?


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Do squeeze pages actually improve your conversion ratio?
Are they SEO friendly?
How important is it that they are professionally written?

I've seen some marketers say, "Often, all you need for an effective squeeze page is a good, compelling headline with the form underneath.”

Your thoughts ...


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I guess it depends on the product.

When working with a jewelry site, we saw much better conversions and add-to carts on a catalog-style page, but when we worked with a coach/mentor client, the long-form worked out much better.

In some ways, it depends if the person needs to be sold to, or if the product sells itself.

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Not ashamed to say that I just had to search for "squeeze page" to find out what we were talking about.

So, for anyone else:

A squeeze page is a landing page designed to collect a visitor’s contact information – usually an email address. Squeeze pages “squeeze” visitors into becoming subscribers by pointing their focus to the signup form or the call to action button.