What is your take on Facebook changing its name to Meta


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What is your take on Facebook changing its name to Meta? I've heard it's been in the works for a year, but the timing here seems suspicious.


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I feel there will really be no change towards how people feel about Facebook, and everything the company does, until a new CEO is announced. And even then a lot will ride on what that new person will bring to the table.


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Nothing changes, it's just paperwork and money moving. Same as Google and Alphabet. Yes, it allows them to spread into other things without it all being under one company name, however, any time "Alphabet" does something, there's always a "formerly Google" next to it.

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Exactly, 99% of people won't notice or pay any attention to what the parent company is called. As long as none of the individual platforms changes name, which they've said they won't, it won't impact public perception in any way.


Guess that's the way to show (to governments etc, after recent scandals) that: "Look at me - I can build even more powerful structure than Facebook and nobody will be able to mess with it. Didn't like tiny issues? Eat this."

And their logo looks like testicles.