what is the difference between shared hosting and wordpress hosting??

Shared hosting is for hosting multiple websites hassle free at an affordable cost, It also gives you more
options and room to grow with easy update and downgrade between hosting plans. You can also choose from a range of CMS
WordPress hosting is the same as shared hosting just its dedicated and optimized for WordPress sites.
WordPress Hosting for us runs of the same server and uses the same panel its just heavily restricted.
You can only access features that are required or driven for WordPress like the softaculous WordPress manager. Also can upgrade and downgrade to a plan that meets you. Most hosts allow instant upgrades.
As folks here have already pointed out. True WordPress hosting provides tools and services that help with the WordPress setup. For example, set of software on which WordPress rums optimally, analytics to assess and troubleshoot faulty plugins or themes, and most importantly support that understands WordPress inside out.
Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where a single server splits between multiple websites. In short, multiple websites are hosted on a single server in shared web hosting. And the resources are divided among the websites hosted on that server. It is the most affordable web hosting service and the best fit for small businesses and personal websites with less traffic.

Wordpress hosting is specially optimized for WordPress websites. Wordpress hosting can be shared, vps, or dedicated as Wordpress isn't the type of plan like shared hosting.

Wordpress hosting is specially featured for wordpress websites that are highly optimized and secured for WordPress websites. In addition, an expert is there to take care of your site. So you don't have to worry about your website and can focus on your business, especially for those who don't have the time and expertise to manage the website, WordPress hosting is the best choice for them.
Most people sell WordPress hosting in shared hosting environment but brand it as WordPress hosting, however I wouldn't consider anything as WordPress hosting unless it came with Litespeeds LSCache and WordPress manager.
"Wordpress hosting" sometimes mean that webserver is configured for Wordpress. For example if webserver runs on NGINX you need special config or a template for creating configs in your panel for WordPress sites to serve permalinks correctly.
technically nothing, they are both shared hosting, just the name is different. people look for WordPress hosting, so shared hosting is sold by the name. Some companies, however, offer the CMS preinstalled and some free plugins and templates for WordPress sites.
Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting could be same thing, but Managed WordPress is different it means the hosting provider will install, update, optimise everything for you.
Yes, shared hosting leaves most of the work for you when it comes to backup, WordPress optimization and much more. But shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting are essentially not different things. In fact, many shared hosts offer a "managed platform" or "managed services", and these hosts are often included in the list of managed WordPress hosts.
In short, shared hosting is just a type of hosting plan where your website “shares” resources with other sites on the same server. Managed WordPress hosting is a set of additional services and performance tweaks as a plus to any hosting.
The real question is, "At what point does it become WordPress hosting?".
We sell customers resources, so they buy CPU, Memory, Disk & Bandwidth.
We host your sites on LiteSpeed, so you get LSCache (the fastest WordPress caching).
R1Soft CDP backups up your site multiple times per hour.
Softaculous installs and updates your site and plugins.
CageFS, from CloudLinux, keeps your site in your filesystem, so no one is linking to your config.php.
eXploit Scanner keeps your site malware-free.
Our Dynamic Firewall & WAF keep out brute forcers.
But this is shared-hosting. At what point does it become WordPress hosting?
No matter what hosts say they kind of the same. The same panel in most cases are provided with same features.

At times some hosts setup different servers for WordPress hosting that is on pure Nginx or on a specifically optimized server.

But in most cases relatively the same.
WordPress hosting has a range of specific settings exactly for WP CMS. And if you have a website on this platform - you should definitely choose a WordPress hosting
When it comes to hosting environment in terms of Apache, PHP, MySQL etc, wordpress hosting is just like any other hosting. However, what matters the most if how secure the environment is. Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging platforms/ CMS out on the internet and it has tons of plugins. However, many of these plugins are not secure and use of such plugins can lead to the wordpress site being vulnerable to hacks and attacks. So for wordpress you need to have a hosting environment that is secure ( mostly cloudlinux ) and capable of isolating hacks and attacks on individual websites. You need tools like Imunify360 for real time protection as well. So when looking for a wordpress specific hosting provider, please look for these tools. Other environment addons like Litespeed webserver with its special cache module will be a bonus as well. Also use of CDN is recommended if your traffic is high.
WordPress hosting should be hosted on specific webservers, like LiteSpeed and have considerable higher resources than normal shared hosting. Also, addons like WordPress toolkit, custom cache module, and specialized WordPress support should be just some of the differences between normal and WP hosting.
Shared Hosting

A shared web hosting service enables multiple websites to share the resources of a single web server. It's also frequently the least expensive hosting choice because you share resources with a large number of other websites.

WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting service created exclusively to host WordPress websites and is loaded with cutting-edge tools like Nginx and PHP7.

Additional "managed services" are also offered by managed hosting to handle background maintenance chores like backups, security checks, and WordPress upgrades.
The difference between managed and shared WordPress hosting is like night and day. Managed WordPress hosting is vastly superior in everything from speed to security. With managed hosting, your entire site is "managed" for you, so you don't have to worry about security issues, problematic plugins, backups, or updates. Everything is done for you so you can focus on content and building your brand.
what is the difference between shared hosting and wordpress hosting??
Shared Hosting
In a shared hosting setup, multiple websites share a single server. You probably won't know the other websites on the same server as yours. If you want to know how much of the server's resources each customer can use, that information is included in your hosting plan.

You should go with shared hosting because it's the most cost-effective and affordable choice. But there are restrictions to the low cost that we'll discuss below. Since most hosting providers provide the same amount of space and storage, it's crucial to find one you can trust.

WordPress web hosting is a host specifically designed to accommodate the WordPress content management system. Depending on the WordPress hosting package you select, you may or may not gain access to a selection of extra features. However, it will typically include time-saving extras like one-click WordPress installation and automatic core updates.

When it comes to technical issues, the support team behind WordPress hosting is usually more knowledgeable than what you'd get from a generic host.

Because of its low cost and high ease of use, shared hosting is one of the most popular types of hosting, especially among smaller websites and blogs. Shared hosting can be the best option for you if your website does not need extensive server customization or a big quantity of resources.

Websites built using the WordPress content management system work best on WordPress hosting(CMS). WordPress hosting, which is known for its speed, stability, and greater security, frees you to concentrate on your content while the host takes care of the technical server concerns. Managed WordPress hosting(opens in new tab) is a subset of this that aims to improve the management of WordPress installations for businesses that are short on staff, expertise, or other resources.
Both types of hosting have different purposes.

Shared hosting is hosting that is shared with other users. So it means servers and resources are shared with others. It is suitable for blogging websites, personal websites and portfolio websites.

Whereas , WordPress hosting is specially designed for WordPress sites. It will optimize hosting and WordPress site needs and improve site speed and performance.
Shared hosting is a general hosting service where multiple websites share server resources, while WordPress hosting is optimized specifically for WordPress websites, providing better performance and specialized features.

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