What Do You Consider/Prefer?


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Looking around many different hosts/features theres plenty to consider.

What are your preferred features? For example do you look for cPanel hosts? DirectAdmin hosts? Hosts that use WHMCS since its an "industry standard" or a host that has their own? One-Click Installs?

Obviously, we also consider what all you are paying for, and what you are getting, but feature wise, what is your sweet spot?

Are the industry standard, really what the industry looks for?
I would say industry standards are what they are for a reason and saying that, it really is what the industry looks for in general. Of course, there's always room for redefining the standard.
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Even though the concept of industry standards is supposed to be the best and most reliable, at the end of the day, it all comes down to each user's personal preferences. Users usually prefer features that are easy to use and are within their budget.
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I prefer using plug and play hosting software like cPanel. Gives clients more flexibility. Clients can backup and restore to a new host within a few clicks. These are the features that i prefer.
Custom CMS or custom hosting panels aren't very plug and play. Yes you can still host your website and move your website but it just would take more work to transfer the content. take Wix or square space for instant. I like to stick to industry standard/Leading. It all comes down the personal preference and what the client wants from there hosting/website.
It goes with your personal preferences and your use. While the industry standards are set to meet the criteria of all the users in average. You should look for features that are convenient for you, maybe the feature I like is not liked by others. Try out different features and then decide what's the best for you.
It is dependent on your particular preferences and usage. While industry standards are designed to suit the criteria of the majority of users. You should look for qualities that are useful to you; perhaps the trait I enjoy is disliked by others. Try out various features and then pick which one is best for you.