What control panel do you use mostly?


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And how long have you been in the hosting industry?

  • cPanel/WHM
  • Interworx
  • Direct Admin
  • Plesk
  • HestiaCP
Been professionally in the hosting industry for 20 years!
Congrats! You've definitely seen many changes in this business over 20 years. I've been around for just over 20 as well.

We are married to cPanel/WHM. Customers find it easy to work with, so we stick with it. Do you work/offer all the panels all at the same time? Is it something your customers specifically ask for as part of custom solutions, or you just enjoy playing with different software? Coming from your experience, how do you find these panels compare? If you had to list your top 3, how would it look?
We have been working with cPanel, but as India is price sensitive market we shifted to DirectAdmin and now most of our shared servers are on DirectAdmin however we still have cPanel servers for the Fans.
Since we're more in the web design world than the hosting world, we've found most of our clients are using hosting companies with their own control panels. We still work with a number of cPanel installations, but these days it seems to be less and less.
cPanel/WHM all the way baby. I've never really used other control panels so I am just used to cpanel if I am honest.
Used all of them at one point, and i just prefer directadmin. Its simply a preference i believe, most modern panels can do the same thing in one way or another.
I prefer DirectAdmin out of the list, I've used InterWorx and I liked the control panel for a while then InterWorx sold out.

Plesk and cPanel are owned by Webpros and keep up'ing the prices so I use them on Shared hosting only.
I have used cPanel/WHM, Direct Admin, and Plesk control panels extensively, and they offer a greater level of versatility. However, as we progress further, the importance of the control panel type decreases, and efficiency becomes more significant.
We are currently using cPanel + Direct Admin.

Have a few other licenses like ApisCP but it's development seems to have been halted in the last few years.

DA / CPANEL / PLESK are probably the most matured + actively developed panels out there.