What are the key factors that differentiate one hosting provider from another?


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When working towards selecting a new hosting provider, what are the main factors that you consider? Do you tend to focus more on pricing, customer support, reviews/reputation, services, or something else?
I look at all of the above because I want to make an informed decision. Of course price is critical, but reputation, customer support and services that match my specific hosting requirements are also important. And I always read their Terms of Service.
Yeah, uptime, pricing and customer support they need to be looked at. The best way is to check their profile on sites such as TrustPilot for reviews.
Never rely on reviews. most of them are paid. I believe the most important is answer time to tickets and reliability, uptime of the servers.
For me i would look for the amount of time they have been in business and check reviews of them on the internet to gauge the hosting company's reliability
Yup, @norled, i also agree. You can also check some tips here: <MOD NOTE: URL snipped>

This will guide you fully about the aspects that need to be considered when comparing different hosting companies from one another.
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Customer support.

Other points to consider include price, server uptime, website/server speed, and maintaining good behavior with your customers.

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