Wassup strangers


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Apparently, I hadn't introduced myself yet. What's up peeps of this forum, my real name is Ryan, and willyson is just my faint attempt in maintaining anonymity amidst strangers. I wear (and have worn) many hats. I've learned software development but am particularly not good at it because of my deteriorating eyesight, I've been a telemarketer for quite some time, and am now just a consultant for startups (mainly e-commerce startups). Nice to meet ya'll.


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Hey Ryan,

Only a few days late, at least it didn't reach the "and you are?" stage ;)

Consulting with Startups - now there's a nightmare (and reward). Thankfully I'm usually in the stage that they have figured out what direction they need to go, but even then, the indecisiveness can be soul-crushing! Do you handle them from the concept part, or how far down the rabbit hole are they before they come to you? Just curious.