Vps Or Dedicated Server


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Dedicated servers are preferable for the websites which will have heavy workloads on it. For e.g. eCommerce websites where multiple users are active and accessing the website at the same time.

Whereas VPS is the best option for small websites or applications which will have lower workloads (in terms of low bandwidth, utilization of resources, traffic, etc.)


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It depends on your budget, but if you have a minimal amount of traffic, then I would suggest VPS. But if you have a full-fledged office with good or minimal traffic I would suggest Dedicated Server as it gives more power to your IT department.


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VPS Hosting:

It's a lot extra economical than committed organizing.

You still obtain committed sources for your site, despite the fact that you don't have the full physical server.

You can extra quickly "range" your holding, particularly if you opt for a cloud VPS. That is, you can quickly upgrade your VPS by simply changing the online partition.

Dedicated Hosting:

You get complete control over your server's software program and physical hardware.

Your website is literally separated from other accounts because it gets on its very own physical web server (whereas your website is only essentially isolated with a VPS).


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Most people would do much better with a virtual private server (VPS) than a dedicated server, particularly if you go with a cloud VPS provider. A cloud VPS offers many of the same advantages like a dedicated server, but at a lower cost and with much more flexibility.


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For a medium-scale business, you can start with VPS hosting. And when the traffic grows in the future you may upgrade to Dedicated Server.

But if you expect good traffic and need high security and independent environment then you may also start with Dedicated Server


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You can use VPS when starting your project, and migrate to dedicated servers if you need more than 16GB RAM

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You can use VPS when starting your project, and migrate to dedicated servers if you need more than 16GB RAM

I'm just curious, why you have picked 16GB as a point where you would want to change the kind of server you are using?

You can have a VPS with a lot more RAM than that, or I guess you could also have a DS with less of it.
I recommend a dedicated server since it allows a client to tailor the server to their specific needs in terms of CPU, RAM, disc space, and software. Customers who use shared hosting are limited to the programs, software, and operating system that are already installed on the server.

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It always depends on your needs and requirement. As you stated its an medium scale organization. I will suggest you to start with an VPS in your initial phase and check its satisfying your needs. If you require more resource then you can always switch to Dedicated server.