virtualizor vs proxmox

+1 virtualizor

We recently moved all our SolusVM Node to virtualizor. Before moving over all, we started for a few months and love it.
Virtualizor is good and the best thing is their support service. When we open a ticket most of the time they will reply within 1 hour. That is what I like about them.
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We are running SolusVM and we are currently testing ProxMox for some features we are after.
Proxmox is an excellent solution quite versatile packed with a lot of features. KVM runs very well and deliver excellent performances.
I have used proxmox for a few years now and its been really stable. No issues yet.
We have tested the cluster features within proxmox which is a really cool feature.
But I would choose proxmox for more advanced users and virtualizor for less advanced users.
proxmox got my vote as it had a free version and had good experience using it for the last 10 years..
no experience with virtualizor so cannot give any feedback.
I think virtualizor is easy and all the popular billing panels come with the plugin to deploy vps using virtualizor. So its made for vps sellers as first choice users. Whereas the Proxmox is a little complicated and requires a learning curve to set it up.
Virtualizor is best.
Because Virtualizor is a powerful web-based VPS Control Panel that is easy to use. Virtualizor is the primary control panel used by RouterHosting for the deployment and management of virtual private servers (VPS) on servers. Despite the fact that Virtualizor primarily uses KVM for virtualization, it also supports Xen, OpenVZ, Proxmox, Virtuozzo, LXC, and other virtualization technologies.
I'm also going to have to +1 virtualizor. I have proxmox, and use it. However, you also have to remember who the client is and how tech savvy they may be.
I am using Virtualizor, it's simple to use and user-friendly, as well as pocket-friendly (no per CPU license).
If you are looking for enterprise-level solutions, then OnApp, Virtuozoo or Jelastic are better options with lots of advanced features.
It really depends on what you're trying to gain, is it for your own personal machines or to sell? Proxmox is excellent for your own machines.