virtualizor vs proxmox


+1 virtualizor

We recently moved all our SolusVM Node to virtualizor. Before moving over all, we started for a few months and love it.


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Virtualizor is good and the best thing is their support service. When we open a ticket most of the time they will reply within 1 hour. That is what I like about them.
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We are running SolusVM and we are currently testing ProxMox for some features we are after.
Proxmox is an excellent solution quite versatile packed with a lot of features. KVM runs very well and deliver excellent performances.


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I have used proxmox for a few years now and its been really stable. No issues yet.
We have tested the cluster features within proxmox which is a really cool feature.
But I would choose proxmox for more advanced users and virtualizor for less advanced users.