Video Testimonials - Are They Effective?


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I've always read written testimonials with skepticism because they either used only first names and last initials, or just came across as suspect. What are your thoughts on video testimonials, and why don't we see more of them in the web hosting industry?
My thoughts on video testimonials are about the same as on written ones: I am always skeptical.

When it comes to hosting, I think I'd be looking for real world feedback found on forums, not even review websites, most of which are plagued with reviews written in exchange for benefit by companies that send customers there.

I usually make it a point to find real feedback outside of host's website and almost never pay attention to the official testimonials offered on their sites.
They'll work on some kind of consumer. I'd say most people know video testimonials are just another type of advertisement. Nobody will put their name and face in a video without some sort of compensation.
Further, let's say I decided to make a video about an awesome service I am receiving from a vendor (out of pure goodness of my heart). Would anyone out there believe that I've actually done it fairly and honestly without any renumeration?
For @Artashes question about someone making it out of the goodness of their heart - I think anyone these days would believe there's some sort of compensation happening. It seems EVERYONE is an influencer of some sort, and everyone is getting a kickback.

Video Testimonials act just like any other written one - but they have their place. When we build sites with testimonial pages, if we have access to video snippets, then we add those in sections too. So maybe a text one on the left half of the page, and a video on the right. Then two more testimonials then flip it and put a video on the left and text on the right. It breaks up the pages nicely.

They can be helpful in general advertising or promotion on YouTube videos, but again, sparingly. a 5 second or 10 second clip is all that's needed. Anything more and people have already tuned out.

I remember I did a video testimonial for "The Planet" datacenter back in the early 2000's. They flew some of their top tier clients to Houston for a roundtable discussion regarding their centers and future, and what we wanted to see as consumers. They also had a video room setup and it was offered to people to use. Some prompts provided by staff to answer questions. Then all those videos went online into their tesimonial page.

Again, not required, but "offered" and "encouraged" as a form of "thank you" for flying me to Houston, providing me a hotel, food and entertainment for 3 days :)

Do they work? Sure - but they're just another tool.