Unbranded or Branded Does it Matter?


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If you want to modify core files then you need to have unbranded version of WHMCS.

WHMCS is encrypted no matter if you get the branded or unbranded version.

You only get the branded version cheaper as you are advertising WHMCS and that is the only difference from unbranded version which you pay dearer as you are not advertising WHMCS
@easyhostmedia Thank you for the correction.

I just referred WHMCS official documentation again and confirmed this. you are correct.

I have strike the incorrect part in my post so it won't mislead the HD visitors.


I don't personally see any issue with using a branded license especially if your business is new. The majority of customer's are not going to care.

With that said once you have a few customers the cost to update to an unbranded license can be easily justified.