Zach, how big of a relationship (not even touching on trust at the moment since trust cannot be established over communication but through action and service) can a company build on the least interactive and functionally limited service as as Twitter?


You can build trust through communication. A great example is President Obama. He built the trust of Americans and he had no actions prior. No one knew who he was. Yet, he built trust through communication. Now I don't trust the guy or like the guy but he is a good example of someone who with proper communication has made people trust him. Ronald Reagon did the same thing.

Trust can be very easily lost though if you are to communicate and then you don't follow up on communication. The 144 characters or whatever many they allow people for a moment to gain access into the lives and the happenings. It makes people feel more comfortable. This is sales 101.
Obama won because the other guy was a complete idiot. Obama won because of his juicy socialist speeches most Americans wanted to hear (he reminds me of Vladimir Lenin a lot.. :) ). Obama did not win because people trust him. They don't even know him. That's what Public Relations is for.

Going back to Twitter... it can surely make you feel more comfortable knowing what the company is doing... or that it is still there. BUT, it cannot establish a trust. A some kind of relationship - yes, but trust is a bit too much to ask. Plus, I really doubt that in times of crisis the company would similarly utilize Twitter as an official support platform. Most likely they would refer clients to submit support tickets or contact them directly. Partly also because they wouldn't want people to talk about it and spread it even further (defensive human behavior when things go bad - create a distance).

The only benefit I see in Twitter is using it as a backup communication platform when things in fact go bad. You can keep updates on what's happening.

You are making sterotype thoughts on how people act. Name Cheap is using it with increases of 20%:

You are placing trust on a gold platter. From my sales experience consumers will provide trust easily. then when you break it, it will be like a back lash from hell.

Companies are using Twitter because it increase interaction and builds trust. Which leads to increase in sales.
Well, twitter has its advantages and its disadvantages I guess. Only time will tell if it actually becomes a necessary thing for your business.
I was feeling nostalgic and went looking at my old posts. I guess Twitter did take off :ROFLMAO:

What are your thoughts on it now everyone?
I was feeling nostalgic and went looking at my old posts. I guess Twitter did take off :ROFLMAO:

What are your thoughts on it now everyone?
And "take off" it did. With Must at the helm. :)

Considering it no longer is even called Twitter, I think something even bigger is coming. We kind of know that Musk has an idea to build an everything-app out of it, so we just have to wait and see what else is coming to X this year.
I am looking forward to seeing what happens next with X. I would not call him the underdog but I do want him to succeed. His purchase of Twitter helped shine a light on a lot of shady business with the government and I was happy he did that.
X, formerly Twitter, is still a go to site for me daily. It'll be interesting to see what X looks like five years down the road.