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Remote work will save the world. And business​

If you need to organize remote workplaces quickly and at an affordable price, we will help you! Contact us 24x7. We will answer all your questions and provide quick assistance in organizing your team's remote work.

In this article https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/solutions/remote-work-will-save-world-and-business, we will look at the benefits of working remotely, with an emphasis on how remote work in the cloud helps keep your company running even under quarantine and forced isolation. We understand that this topic is extremely acute and causes a lot of disputes and accusations of speculation.

And we will be glad to solve your most interesting cloud problems! Write to the address sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583. Tucha is always in touch.



How to protect your data and business using cloud backup hosting​

Loss of important and confidential data for any company is often irreparable. It causes a lot of problems, including material, time, and effort losses. And often these consequences are quite dramatic, business can simply collapse.

To avoid such problems, you should take care of data security in advance. One of the most reliable ways to do this is to regularly backup files and documents and store them in a secure place. A good helper will be TuchaBackup, the service for backup-hosting. We will tell you how to save your business from destruction by hosting backups in the cloud https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/services/how-protect-your-data-and-business-using-cloud-backup-hosting.

If you have additional questions or need our help in solving any tasks, write to us at sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583. We are ready to help you 24×7.


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Tools for managing DNS domain zone settings: what to choose

One of the most frequent requests to technical support is a question about tools for configuring a DNS domain zone. And now, we are going to tell you about the types of instruments for managing domain zones settings: https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/support/tools-managing-dns-domain-zone-settings-what-choose.

And if you have any additional questions or need our advice, just call us at +380 44 583-5-583 or write to sales@tucha.ua. We are always happy to help!


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All about Tucha technical support: types, features, cost, and why it is important​

Reliable support that you can confidently rely on is an essential factor of efficient work in clouds. Since it may be necessary to interact with a support service occasionally, communication should be explicit, and specialists` help should be qualified and prompt. The team of Tucha daily makes every effort to meet and even exceed clients' expectations, and numerous reviews confirm that we are doing well.

In this article https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/support/vse-pro-tekhnichnu-pidtrymku-tucha, we describe in detail the features of each type of support from Tucha and help you figure out which one is suitable for solving certain tasks.

With Tucha, you are guaranteed to receive expert 24x7 assistance and technical support you can rely on with confidence! Write to us at sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583