The Future of web hosting


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What are your thoughts of web hosting in 5, 10, 20 years?
I think everyone will have t1's going to their houses, so static website being on a high speed connection won't be as a big of a deal. That is if the majority of sites are static and flash. There might be like 3d worlds instead of web sites, so who knows? :)Colocation will probably grow, as the reason to get hosted elsewhere will be the security, 24/7 monitoring, backup generators, ect.
yeah, well I guess that is a good point with the t1's.....but hopefully everyone will still look to hosting providers......

I just hope that within 5 years the business gets cleaned up a little..........but in 20 years.......who knows................
Due to the design of the Internet, very few people would know how to run such a service, and due to how most people are, very few will know how later on down the road either. Unless things change and there's a dummy web service where people can just install it like a web browser and not have it open up a ton of security issues, I think it won't change much. The "buzz" of the ecommerce stuff is over and company's aren't online like that used to be, once they found out it doesn't make any difference for most businesses to be online (other than to waste time and money), so I think other than the lack of interest, it'll be the same. I personally don't see much of a change any time soon.
I agree with Tim in the point that it won't change much. The things that will change is the amount of space and banwidth people will want and need and down the road customer support will probably improve much more.
I think hosts will give more bandwidth and space like in 10-20 years. Why? I just think that technology is improving fast and really in 20 years t1 to your house may cost 300-500 dollars while now is about 700-900 + dollars! Hmm, what if T1 will cost 49.95/month? I am their first customer! LOL. LEts hope that dont happen!
20 years is quite a long time. You can bet that a T1 connection will be far less than $300-500 a month. In the 60's and early 70's, computers were unheard of to be small, they were huge and cost millions. Within 5 to 6 years, people could afford them at home for in the hundreds. The WWW has been around for a while, but in 20 or so more years, it'll be a lot different with the connections, etc. Remember how much hard drives used to cost? People were coding differently to save disk space. I just picked up a WD 60 GIG drive tonight and I wonder how long it'll last before I use it all (I actually probably won't, since I don't have a bunch of games or movies or anything to install or need). I'll bet you in 20 years, or less, that a T1 sized connection actually _is_ $49.95 (or less) per month. That will probably not be enough speed by than anyway. (I can just see all the webmaster's starting to put huge movie files embedded in web pages, because they "can").