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I would love to know your support ticket escalation rules, like after opening ticket does it automatically assigned to someone or it would be added in queue. Also after opening ticket, how much hours it would be automatically transferred to higher executive for review. What to do with unhappy customer tickets etc.
This is an internal strategy unique to each provider, determined by their software infrastructure and human resources. It should be adjusted based on the specific team in place. In addition, it is up to you to establish the policy on how to handle dissatisfied customers, as responses to each instance of dissatisfaction may vary.
If you're talking department? Yeah, this is something that is going to be handled on a case by case basis

Now, if you're talking escalation by response times (or lack thereof), well, let's just say I have written a pretty decent mod for whmcs to cover that ;) ... I get annoyed too frequently with it, even :)
I believe that using a mod is a good solution, as we frequently face the issue of ticket assignments. I previously worked at a company where employees operated on a floating time schedule and tickets had to be manually assigned to the staff member that was currently online.

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