Server monitoring


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Just curious what services everyone is recommending to monitor their servers these days, and why?
Used them for years. They have free plans and paid. Monitor text, ports, responses etc. Not just ping (like other places).

Used them with Hands-on servers for many years too
We are using statping for basic uptime monitoring and a public status page. It works well but the project hasn't been updated or maintained much recently so we are looking at alternative options at the moment.

We host the statping instance in a separate datacentre where we don't host anything else, so if there is an issue affecting one of our servers it shouldn't affect the monitoring.
Currently, we use Netdata on our servers. It's super easy to understand and gives us all the details we need to know! It's actually really great and I recommend you check it out!
Uptime Robot works pretty fine for me. Sometimes the UI is a bit buggy and slow, but it gets the job done. This is not perfect, and I am still looking for a better alternative
Have been using uptimerobot and hetrix tools.
Our preferred is Hetrix tools, they have both free and premium plans.