SEOs, do you ever log into Bing Webmaster Tools


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I saw this poll on Twitter and with over 1000 results so far, nearly half of SEO's responded NO. That surprises me, or maybe it shouldn't. I would have thought any SEO expert would use BWT as a cross check against Google. Your thoughts?


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Most SEOs I'm sure are focused only on Google and skip past Bing. Those in other countries may use the Yandex interface, but pretty much everyone bows down to Google.

We check the Bing profile about every 2 weeks or so to make sure things are indexed etc. Bing provides solid info with their impressions and usually provides a more eclectic mix of keywords in the Search Performance - but these are only words people use on Bing. Still, I often find phrases on Bing that I don't see in the GSC that I then add to websites.

On Bing's console, however, one thing that drives me crazy is the alert about multiple H1 tags, even though we use one for desktop and one for mobile - they still flag it as an error. So it doesn't do a great job of parsing what is a mobile display etc.

Bing Business Console - that we check on a regular basis, even though it's synced with GMB

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I'm not an SEO specialist, but about once a month I log into Google, Bing, and Yandex and take a look for all of our own sites.

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I guess it's all down to the share of the search market, people spend time worrying about the things that are going to bring them the most traffic, and about 92% of all searches are made on Google.

Personally I use Ecosia as my default search engine, which has results powered by Bing. I also like Qwant, which uses it's own index, but I still drop back into Google sometimes if I'm not finding what I want elsewhere.