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I tried out a hosting company called Schnell Node, for cloud VPS. Mainly I was looking for cloud VPS with SSD. They specialize in VPS, and they have 2 options : cloud VPS or dedicated Core VPS.

For servers they use SuperMicro enterprise grade servers, and for storage they use Hyper Converged SSD. For RAM Schnell Node uses DDR3-1600. According to their site “Each VPS node is stocked with a minimum of 256GB RAM”. For CPU each node gets provisioned with dual Intel E5-2680 CPUS with TurboBoost v2 technology which boosts the vCPU frequency up to 3.5Ghz.

From their site they claim their Cloud VPS “CPU will not be shared with more than 5 VPSs.”

I tried out their cheapest VPS to see how it would go.

The specs on the server were as follows

Plan name : 15GB-R10SSD

1 vCPU Access
15GB SSD Space - Enterprise Grade SSD
1Gbps Network Port
1000GB Monthly Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Address
16 IPv6 Addresses

Benchmark test 1 – Download Speeds

For the download script test I ran a benchmarking download script from Cachefly. I attempted different time throughout the day to get and overall picture of how download speeds perform.

Average download speed from these 3 tests was 795.33 MB/s. this was consistent throughout my testing. For example, tests done later that day (about 5 hours apart from my first batch) was

The average among these 3 test was 791.66 MB/s

Benchmark test 2- Upload Speeds

For upload I also ran a benchmarking script from cachefly and tested it out throughout the day. Upload speeds tend to vary a bit more than download speeds, but with this VPS, not too widely.

Day one: Average upload speed among the 15 servers tested was 240.08 Mbits/s

Day two: Average upload speed was 216.73 Mbit/s

In general upload speeds tended to hover around the 220 Mbit/s mark.

Benchmark 3-Read Tests

For the I/O performance measurements I ran a DD command with data sync and data being read from read from /dev/zero.

There was almost no variation throughout the day and speed was always 1.5 GB/s or 1.6 GB/s.

Benchmark 4- Unixbench

I also performed a Unixbench Version 5.1.3 test (Multi CPU).

I got a Total Systems Benchmark Index score of 1851.9

I got a solid performance out of their most basic cloud VPS set up. This plan started at $4.29 a month. There is a whole range of options so you can customize and add ram. storage space, bandwidth, etc. They have tech support as well, and when I've spoken with them they are really knowledgeable and actually helpful.

I'll try to follow up with screen shots of the bench marking tests when i can post images, but I included an attachment of the complete review with the images included.

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