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These rules are for web hosting companies who respond to customer requests within Web Hosting Requests marketplace forum.

When a customer requests a quote, he expects web hosting firms to provide a custom solutions. If you can't be flexible, this requests forum is NOT for you.


Match the request. An offer that will not stand close to a request will be deleted.
Do not over-exceed the offered resources just because you can offer more within customer's budget, unless asked so. If the customer wants a Chevrolet, the bidder need not provide a Rolls-Royce, especially at Chevrolet prices.

Do not post all of your hosting packages you offer against a single request.

All offers to be made public.

Do not submit offers via Private Message or email.

Posts containing a regular link to your web site are not allowed.

Posts with no offer are not allowed.

That includes criticism or what you may think is helpful feedback or advice. Only questions that are meant to clarify specifications of the request are allowed.

If you break any of the above rules, warnings and infractions will be issued.

Let's work to make Web Hosting Requests forum as fair and as productive as possible. Individual approach is the most effective, so let's try to keep it that way. All potential customers will appreciate the effort.
Not open for further replies.